Visualizing Music : Ephemeral :)    (HD available on vimeo)

The music is Floral Piano by Milieu.

I’ve been visualizing entire songs for a bit where I’d see an overall color atmosphere, but I wanted to see what would happen at a smaller scale, to be able to focus on a moment, on a smaller section of a song and to really feel that moment.

This is my first iteration of trying to achieve this, it’s still pretty quirky, but it works :)

Make yourself some nice tea, sit back and enjoy the song :) 

Another series of visualized songs. I used the same music-to-color settings as in my first experiment, I’ve only changed the way the ‘data’ is shown :)

So the first song is “Insane feat. Moon Holiday” by Flume (listen to it here)

The second is “Maybe You’ll Get Some, Maybe You Won’t” by Jim Guthrie (listen to it here)

And the third song is “Deadbeat Summer” by Neon Indian (listen to it here)